Sales with heart.

Don’t sell your soul for a dollar.  Selling beauty products is all about educating your clients. You are the expert.  Clients come to you for beauty advice, trends and styles.  Don’t hold back, they trust you and want you to teach them how to achieve that professional look at home. 

Did you know that approximately 30-40% of what your take home pay should come from retail sales?  Get comfortable with it. You are simply making a professional recommendation.

Here are 5 ways to make a sale without selling.

1)   Trust yourself.  You are the professional, and this is your area of expertise. You know what would be best for your clients’ skin, hair and nails.  Don’t be greedy.  Share this information with them. 

2)   Know your stuff.  Use it (yes! on yourself and your clients), love it (only sell products that you can stand behind whole heartedly) and learn everything you possibly can about your product lines.   It is important to educate yourself on the key ingredients, benefits, who it is best for, how to use it/apply it, how long a bottle or jar will last, and how much it costs. 

3)   Show and tell.  Show them how to use products and tools to get the same look/effect at home when you aren’t there with them.  Teach them.  Help them to be comfortable with new products.  Let them try it with you there to correct them.  Make it fun and experiential. 

4)   Make a connection.  Be relatable.  Share your own stories about product use and results.  Get good at understanding your clients’ desires and what they are trying to achieve.  Don’t oversell.  Be realistic and honest about what a product can and can’t do.

5)   Take note.  It is your job to listen and observe your client during a consultation or service.  Ask them questions so that you can achieve optimal results.  Make sure to take thorough chart notes about products used during services or products you discussed during a consultation.  If they decide not to purchase a product that day they can always come back and it will be easy to find what products you recommended in their client file.