The perfect brow: How to work with what your mama gave you!

Accomplish the best design for your eyebrows without giving up their natural appearance.  The uni-brow and uber-thin looks are out!

Remember you can take hair off, but you can’t put it back on.  When shaping brows you must take into consideration their natural shape and the amount of hair there is to work with.  

Eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins.  No two sides of any face are perfectly symmetrical, so don’t worry if your brows follow suit. 

How to personalize your brow shape to emphasize your eyes:

1)   3 guide-lines.  First you must decide where to start.  The above photograph shows 3 lines. 

Line #1: the starting point (vertical line closest to the nose).  This is where most eyebrows should start.  You can determine this line by finding the upper corner of the nostril and picturing a vertical line. 

Line #2: highest point of the arch (middle, angled line).  The second line is found from the same corner of the nostril, and then angled out to the iris.  The arch should be gradual not dramatic.  It should reach its maximum height at this line. 

Line #3: end of the brow (far left line).   This is where the brow should end.

2)   Less is more.  There are multiple ways to remove hairs.  Waxing.  Tweezing.  Threading.  I recommend having your brows professionally shaped by and esthetician that specializes in brows.  My preferred method for my clients is a combination of waxing then tweezing.  I always error on the side of taking less.  You can always come back and remove more if necessary.

3)   Trim.  Once you have shaped the brows a final dusting or trim may be required, so that all hairs lie in an orderly fashion.  Make sure not to trim too much, you could create a hole or bald spot in the brow by cutting them too short.

4)   Finish them off.  Finishing your brows with a brow powder and gel is essential to the final look.  Find a brow powder that closely matches the color of your brows or one that is slightly lighter.  An angled brow brush works best to apply the color.  Begin application in the center of the brow and work out towards the tip using short strokes in the direction of the hair growth.  Brow powder will help enhance your brows to fill in any holes or gaps between hairs.  The final step is a clear brow gel.  It is applied similarly to mascara, but on your brows.  Only a small amount is needed to encourage your brows to stay in place.