How to make your gel polish last.

Love that polished look, but hate the up-keep of regular old nail polish.  Tired of chipping and constantly repainting your nails?

Step up you nail game with the lasting color of gel polish.

Ensure that your gel polish will last at least 2 weeks by trying this application method:

1)   Trim and file nails to desired length.

2)   Push back the cuticles.

3)   Wash hands to remove any oils and lotions.

4)   Lightly buff with a buffer block to remove shine.  Be careful not to buff too aggressively as it will damage the nail.  Wash your hands to remove residue from the buffing.

5)   Apply a Ph bonding product.  Dehydrating the nail.

6)   Apply a base coat.  Make sure it is thin and that you don’t touch the cuticles – then Cure

7)   Apply color of your choice.  Make sure it is thin and that you don’t touch the cuticles – then Cure.  You will need to apply 2-3 coats.  Cure after each coat.

8)   Apply top coat.  Make sure it is thin and that you don’t touch the cuticles – then Cure.

9)   Wipe nails with a nail cleanser or alcohol to remove tackiness. 

10) Apply cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail. 

 Tips of the trade:

 1)   Remove excess polish on the cuticle or skin before curing.  If you get polish on your cuticle or skin, remove it with a brush dipped in alcohol or nail cleanser BEFORE curing your nails under the light. 

2)   Cure time.  Gel polish typically cures with an LED lamp in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes with a UV lamp.  Know what kind of light you are using and read the label on your gel polish for curing times.

3)   Doing it yourself?  Finish one hand entirely before moving on to the other hand.

4)   Use thin coats of polish. Gel is not the same as regular nail polish. In this case less is more.  Instead of adding more polish, add another thin coat curing between coats.

5)   No picking. If an edge begins to lift, grab a nail file and gently smooth it down.  Picking will cause trauma to the nail.

6)   Cap the ends. I saved the best, and most important for last.  You MUST remember to cap the ends of your gel polish. Cap EVERY layer of your gel pulling the gel over the end of the nail's free edge.